As I was making the drive home after the Forge Q today I was beating myself up a little bit because I felt like I botched a thing or two (or three) and things didn’t translate the way I saw it in my head. I consoled myself with the fact that these are free and in the worst case, those that show up get their money’s worth (although I guess gas for the trip over puts them in the hole for the day). When I got back to the house I forgot all about any shortcomings because my kid was ready for me to take him to school and he began describing something that had just happened when he researching igneous rocks or something for a class. While hitting links he got “Rickrolled.” Wow, is that still a thing? Internet memes usually run their course. Some funny, some not-so-much but I never got tired of the Rickroll. I don’t know if it was because I lived through the atrocity of 80s pop or what. I literally can’t watch that video for more than 4 seconds without laughing. The thought of whomever ‘invented’ the meme deciding it would be funny to have that video pop up on legit-looking links is hilarious. I snickered the entire way to carpool line and we shared quality time/laughs as he pulled the video on his tablet (school-provided…thanks, Carroll!!) and other articles on Rick Astley. Good stuff.

13 men arrived at Ye Olde Pullen for an exercise regimen despite the threat of a flurry or two hitting the area. I had given thought to adding a little music to today’s gig since ’65 brought forth some notable releases from the Stones, Kinks, Righteous Bros., Four Tops, and the Byrds. The #1 hit during the week I was born was ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark. But carrying around props for the very little I used it at Crucible yesterday was a real drag and I just didn’t want to bother with it across the vast expanse of Pullen. So…the heck with it. As it turns out, the music might have been a nice touch as today’s workout was largely OYO.

Any way, here is how Day 2 (themed ‘1965’) of #5Days5Qs turned out to the best of my recollection:

SSH x25 IC
Imperial Walker x25 IC
Good Morning x25 IC
Standard merkin x 50 OYO

The Thang (it wasn’t rocket science … a 19 and a 65 involved w/ each set)
Run up parking lot, hang a left to Aquatic Center parking lot.
19 Burpees
Run hill between aquatic center lot and upper lot
65 Groiners (or Frog Plank?) at top

ok, I’m no longer cold

Trot to hill on east of tennis courts. oops wrong turn in the dark…detour.
At bottom on concrete slab:
19 wide-grip merkin
Run hill to tennis court area to select rock for:
65 Curl-to-Press

Jog back down toward park, cross bridge

On first set of steps between pond and walkway:
19 Forward/reverse bearcrawl on steps
65 of something. Jeez I’ve forgotten.

Move to next set of steps along path
19 Merkin wheel x1 and rotate quarter (irkin, offset L, derk, offset R, repeat)
65 (or so) Prisoner Squats

Move around pond to another set of short steps
19 Downward Spiderman Plank on steps
65 Balls to the Wall Hip Slappers (which morphed into shoulder taps. Maybe not the best choice for a high rep drill)

WWII Situp x20 IC
LBC x20 IC
Homer-to-Marge x20 IC
Reverse LBC x20 IC
Hammer x20 IC
6-in. leg hold 5-count around the horn

-Town Hall Meeting at PR at 8pm tonight. The resident F3 Social Czar™ indicated that it is a good way to see the inner workings of F3
-Arena workout this week at the Healing Place. 2:30. Sometimes a group will meet at Pullen at ~2:15 and make the 1.5-ish mile run over.

Prayers to family and friends of various pax dealing with illness, surgery, and death

Countrywide prayed us out.

Thanks, Forge! Although I have only been there a handful of times, it is always a great group of guys. I should work my way down there more often.