Truly we were in the gloom this morning at true grit. Balmy and 32 had no effect on the faithful this morning as YHC did everything he could to make a mess both inside and outside of the Pax heads.

after the disclaimer (fake it until you make it) Mosey over to the rock basin. Pick the heaviest rock you can.

volcano x10: start with the rock on the ground, use a combination of a squat thrust and and over head press to launch your rock.

rock curl x10

the rover: rover digs, line up over your rock like a center and hike your rock behind you. Backwards bear crawl to your rock. Plank on your rock until all pax have reached it. Rover from the bottom of the hill back to the fence.

rock press x10.

line up at the bottom of the hill. Backwards bear crawl up the hill and do 3 sets of 30x scissor kicks along the way. When you reach the top, run to the pull up bars for alternating 3x pull-up 30s plank.

when all pax have arrived, line up- go down the line and do your 5x pull ups each pax while doing the following in cadence: 40x merkin, 40x WW2, 40x lunge, 30x merkin, 30x WW2, 30x lunge, 20x merkin, 20x WW2, 20x lunge, 10x merkin, 10x WW2, 10x lunge, 20x Hindu Merkins.

mosey back to the parking lot

12 minutes of Mary: 40x side to side toe taps, 40x Freddie Mercury, 40x LBC, 30x merkin, 40x box cutter, 10s 6″ leg hold around the horn.


townhall tonight @8pm @PR. The arena is this Friday @230pm

prayers by YHC and exeunt