Shovel flag planted at the North Hils Park entrance in serene conditions for late January for the PAX of 25. The theme was team this morning as YHC was inspired by this popular verse in the Bible, “We live by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7 So here it goes….

The Thang:

Run to back parking lot, circle up

Good Mornings x 12, Spiderman Merkins x 12, Imperial Walkers x 12, Mountain Climbers x 12

“The Challenge”

Get into groups of 4 PAX and achieve the following in 2280 seconds

7 runs on Sisyphus down & Up

1200 LBCs

1200 Merkins

1200 Star Jumps

(one group of 5 PAX did 8 runs & 1500 reps of each)

When done then AMRAP Burpees till time is called. Run back to the front, squat hold till all arrive.

COT with strong prayer by Deuce

Naked Moleskin:

-Format had a different stucture and objective than anything I’ve tried before at a workout, break up into groups with a task and execute to completion as a team. Everyone contributes since that’s the only way to achieve the objective, if one is struggling the fellow man to the right will pick up their part.  Though not by design at all, a situation this morning presented an ideal opportunity to serve. Gnobby rolled his ankle and became limited. The other 3 simply did his reps on his behalf in addition to theirs and actually carried him to the front lot for COT. I don’t know who the other guys were, but they did what we’d expect in the gloom… a man in need & stay on target. #F3strong

F3 Yoga is coming! Feb 3rd @ 6:30pm in the Chong Li dojo. See Cut Me Mick as well with questions $10 per person as we train the trainer. #starfish

-The next Arena is this Friday, January 30th @ 2:30pm. Sign Up! #all3Fs

F3 Town Hall tomorrow, January 27th @ Player’s Retreat, 8pm. Come learn about what’s in store for 2015 for F3 Raleigh. Let King David know if you plan to attend so logistics can be handled.

March 7th @ 6:45am, Pullen Park : 3rd Anniversary of F3 Raleigh. Details to come, make plans to attend.

April 11 Ultimate Mud Run Challenge: Sign-up will be posted soon, race is run in teams of 4.

-Prayers for Noah, a young child currently in treatment and needing our support. Prayers for Pink Slip’s 2.0 and for Subprime. Prayers for injured PAX like Pergo, Vortex & Screech along with those unspoken ones that for good reason cannot be shared yet.

-Qing a workout in the near future? Think about doing something you are not sure can be accomplished. YHC looked at the # of seconds with the number in a team, knew it was aggressive but achievable. It’s safe to say most PAX did more than they were planning to or would have done on their own if given a list with a time limit. The numbers sounded high and felt beyond ambitious in the early going, but as time passed you could feel a change in the mentality of the group. A more modern version of the above verse is the following, “We walk by believing, not by seeing.” I’m nodding my head too, Aye!