With 37 degrees and rain (in the forecast) YHC decided we should do a non-running workout and stay under the shelter at Petting Zoo.  I promised music and brought it.  The pax went hard and it was a great workout.  Need more pax at this site, though…it’s a good one.


SSH x 20

Good morning x 10 (Tinkertoy got stuck a couple times, but worked it out).


50 Merkins and LBC’s

Jump Around – box jump x 20, squat x 20, repeato throughout the song

40 Merkins and LBC’s

Turn Down for What – jog in place and then burpee at “Turn Down…” – this was tougher than it sounds.

30 Merkins and LBC’s

Wanna Be a Baller – B2W during verse, people’s chair during chorus.

20, 10, 15 Merkins and LBC’s

300 Violin Orchestra – amrap burpees.

25 Merkins and LBC’s

Brass Monkeys – switched this up from normal, monkey humpers during verse, squats during chorus – much harder.

35 Merkins and LBC’s

Short run led by VHS (since it was too nice out to miss!).

Thundermerkins – plank until “thunder” or “thunderstruck” then do merkin.

45 Merkins and LBC’s

30 Merkins and LBC’s

Pygmy (since he was late) finished us out with 20 American Hammers


Tinkertoy is having anyone interested over at his house Saturday at 7 for breakfast and discussion about an F3 Camp.  Forum today at noon.


Dingo was lifted up – that he got good sleep this morning.

YHC shared Psalm 48 where we are reminded to praise the LORD above all things and to lean on HIM as our fortress.