After a great deal of hesitation, anticipation, planning(and lack thereof), beta tests and cryptic tweets… Flood Zone launched this morning with 12 curious pax in tow. The 5:15 start time has been noted to be noticeably earlier but that didn’t hold back 5 from tempting the 15 minutes of extra credit.

The Thang… (first 15 min)
-Inside the parking deck… 4 Levels, 3 Ramps
Backwards Sprint up the ramps
Bear Crawl the across levels to next ramp
15 Merkins before ascending each ramp
This time Sprinting across levels with 10 jump
squats before ascending each ramp
Quads… smoked… whoops

Jog back to cars to pick up 5:30 crew..

-Warm up .75 mile jog around the mall, fast pace to get to the good part

2 Stations 1/4 mile apart
1st station jacobs ladder..4 flights with ascending burpees from 1 at the top
2nd station rock pile where pax repeated 20 merkins, 20 LBC’s, 20 bicep curls, 20 Merican Hammers

Split into 3 groups
1st Group starts Jacobs Ladder
2nd Group at the rock pile doing excercises
3rd Group runs from stairwell to rock pile and sends 2nd Group back to stairwell
When 2nd group reaches stairwell, they send 1st group to rockpile

Groups spent approx 8 min. at each station

Jog back to cars for Cot


-Strong work by all especially those who braved the EC

-Location worked well which is good news, apologies for the hiccup in logistics this morning but YHC thinks all pax were gassed by the finish, Hope to see an even larger pax out next week

-Hopefully the sewage removal on the opposite side of the mall isn’t a regular thing.. or else that lap might have to be nixed from future workouts

-Tclaps to Lax for Keeping with the Pax the whole way.. Explains why Duff is in such great shape having to stay ahead of that young workhorse

-Next GoRuck is in Planning stage. Tentative date, early spring/late winter 2014. If you’re even curious, give your email to Utah, Fungo, or myself so we can keep you in the loop with developments and training. Promised to be the greatest team building experience you can find.

-Hope Builder workouts now Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4pm. Promises to be an inspirational 45 min.

Prayer requests for ManRam and Hasselhoff with injuries.

Closing Prayer courtesy of Wilson