Six PAX dominated the Wolf Run this morning and took down a modified Jacob’s Ladder that included Dieter Charges up and Bear Crawls down one of the steepest hills we’ve faced.  Great work.  These PAX have earned their Krispy Creme sloppy joes and country ham biscuits at the State Fair.

Warmup: SSH (25x), Imperial Walkers (10x), Mountain Climbers (35x), Windmills (10x).

The Thang:

Run to handicap rail.  AUSTRALIAN (not Austrian; yeah, makes more sense) Pullups (25x); Dips (35x).

Run to field, with some lunges along the way.  Merkens (35x); Sprints down and back; Side Shuffle down and back; Karaoke down and back; Sprints down and back.

Run to insanely steep hill by the lake (this is where it got hard).  Jacob’s Ladder: Dieter Charges (running backwards) up the hill, Burpees at the top (5, 4…), Bear Crawl down the hill.  Not easy.

Mary on the hill: Cannon Ball, legs down the hill (12x); LBCs, legs up the hill (12x); WWII situps, legs up the hill (5x); High, Slow Flutters, legs down the hill (12x); LBCs, legs up the hill (12x).  Tough Mary.

Run to the usual Jacob’s Ladder Hill.  Long, long Lunge Walk all the way to the top.

Run to library.  Box Jumps (10x); Incline Merkens (15x); Step Ups (20x); Decline Merkens (15x).

Run back to home base for COT.

The Pax shared their favorite things about the N.C. State Fair.  The best: This will be the 40th year that Eight Mile’s uncle has worked security at the Fair.  The worst: T-Square has never, EVER been to the Fair (for shame!).  Those who have been agreed that nothing beats a mouthwatering country ham biscuit.

Hope Builder: Dufresne continues to bring it.