4 PAX participated in McGillis’ inaugural Q in the Danger Zone this morning.     McGillis buzzed the tower with a very solid beatdown.

Warm Up:
SSH X 20
GM X 20
SFAC X 10 and Reverse

The Thang
Jog over to the playground area:
Burpees  x 5
Pullups x 10
Merkins x 20
Squauts x 30
LBCs x 40
Repeat the above 5 X

Jog through the gloom on the trail to the bottom of the hill:
Partner Up
Partner #1 Runs up the hill and back down
Partner #2 Planks at at the bottom
Repeat 5 X

Jog back to the playground:
Dealers choice
Leg Circles X 30
V Ups X 25
Jump Knee Tucks X 10
Russian Hammers X 20

Prayers for RipTide who starts a new gig on Monday and KeyWest who is in the market for a new hacienda