The Ticket Runner

Last Friday, YHC had the pleasure of riding down to Orangeburg, SC with two fine men of F3 (Cinderella and Bob Villa). I’ve never really prescribed to the getting old thing. I don’t get it and try to stay relatively current (in my own mind – ha). I pulled out a few CDs (generational issue number one) and I received push back on one of my favorite bands, Wilco. I was shocked. How can you not enjoy these fine, fine rockers? That’s when it hit me. I’m old. #lightbulb We don’t even listen to the same music. #trouble

Putting aside my need to mentor these two fine gentleman on their taste in music, it highlights one of the main benefits of F3. We’re all running with guys faster and stronger than us (in my case, younger). They are making me faster and I’m appreciative of that fact. So, let’s get faster together tomorrow morning. #getbetter #getstronger #ISI

-Partner up

-Run the Blue loop around the Dojo and veer off toward the amphitheater

-Near the dock at the veer (25 merkins, 25 LBCs, and 25 squats)

-Run to the amphitheater – Bear crawl down the first staircase you hit running up the hill

-Do 25 star jumps in the mosh pit and bear crawl up the stairs closet to the NC Museum of Art

-At the top of the stairs, run up the parking lot (where we sometimes do Mary) and repeat the exercises from the dock (25 merkins, 25 LBCs, and 25 squats)

-Run back down to the dock past the amphitheater on your way down (don’t go back around the blue loop).

-Rise and repeat. Four times total. First team back wins! #beatCLT #trophy

-Winner leads Mary until 6:15.

See you in the gloom,