Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 marked the second occurrence of a rare lunar eclipse known as “tetrad.” A “tetrad” eclipse means that the moon is totally covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow; thus yielding four eclipses in a row as opposed to a partial eclipse. Alas, the PAX of The Crick were distracted by 18 magical holes of golf.

After nearly 9 days away from the gloom, YHC was invited to craft a workout around the “golf course” theme and decided to highlight 18 holes of bliss in the following denominations; birdie, par, bogey, double bogey, triple and mulligan.

13 showed (including a N. Charlotte regular and his FNG in tow), 13 conquered. The disclaimer was given and off we went…

Brisk jog around the outer field loop
Good Mornings x12
Burpees x10  OYO
Walk outs x5 (up, then down)

The Thang:

“On the plane,” (aka 4 minutes of Peoples Chair) rules were given and expectations were set. The follwing scores would constitute the corresponding exercises:

Birdie – SSH x10
Par- Merkins x25
Bogey – Plank Jacks x30
Dbl Bogey – Burpees x10
Triple Bogey – Burpees x5, Merkins x5, Plank Jacks x5
Mulligan – 5 penalty Burpees

Hole #1- Double Bogey
Hole #2- Par
Hole #3- Birdie
Hole #4- Double
Hole #5- Birdie
Hole #6- Bogey
Hole #7- Bogey
Hole #8- Par
Hole #9- Par
(9-hole score of 39… strong work)

Hole #10- Birdie
Hole #11- MENTAL MOMENT- Triple! (aka snowman)
Hole #12- Birdie
Hole #13- Bogey
Hole 14, 15,16- Par
Hole #17- Double Bogey
Hole #18- Par
(9-hole score of 40… round score of 79… STRONG WORK!)

Exercise totals:
Burpees- 30 + 10 penalty = 40
Merkins- 175
Plank Jacks- 95
SSH- 40
Running- 360 yards

There was no remaining time for mary after the “plane ride home” so 13 exhausted PAX circled up for name-o-rama.

We were honored to name an out of town FNG (Dutch Boy) and welcome Holiday from Charlotte (Davidson). Great work by all 13 and as always, it was an honor to lead after over a week away from the gloom.