Assorted mentions at Rameses workout Wednesday AM of PAX soreness left over from Monday morning reminded YHC that he had not yet posted a backblast to commemorate the festivities at Fetzer.

The Monday plan was inspired by seeing Tar Heel football players at the end of practice doing up-downs at every five yard-line across the length of the field for assorted transgressions, i.e., missed assignments, loafs, late to class, etc.

Thus we began by running from Eddie Smith Fieldhouse to Navy Field, where we circled up for warmup. SSH x 20, IW x 10, Prisoner Squat x 10, Arm Circles x 10 each direction, Merkins x 10, Mountain climbers x 20.

The Thang that followed:

* Line up across 10 yard-line, do one burpee each five yard-line to goal line opposite side, run back and plank.

* Five merkins each five yard-line, run back.

* Five mountain climbers each five yard-line, run back.

* One up-down each five yard-line, run back.

* Bear crawl, one merkin each five yard-line, run back.

* Wheelbarrow carry 30 yards, switch and return.

* Repeat one burpee each five yard-line.

* Three sets of dips x 15 and Irkins x 15.

* Circle up for Mary: Reverse LBC, LBC, Russian Hammers, Box-Cutters, Heels to Heavens, WWII sit-ups, planks.