With the Lunar Eclipse in full affect 9 PAX took to the courts at Action Park for a workout that brought the pain!  Perhaps some of the PAX should have heed the words of the great Creedance Clearwater Revival and not gone out!  But all made it to the end where we all together saw the Bad(Red)Moon retreat and another beat down come to an end!

The Thang…

Warm Up- Quick lap around the courts, SSH X30, Imperial Walkers X20, Sir Fazio ACs X20

Quick M-Run- 1 full lap around the Courts

Wheel Barrows on the Tennis Courts- Partner up- first lap= 1 court each, then run the next 2 courts, second lap= 2 courts each, 3rd lap= 3 courts run 1, 4th lap all 4 courts

Jacobs Ladder- slightly modified with Burpees on the bottom and top of the hill

People’s Chair to watch the completion of the Lunar Eclipse

Mary- Protractor with a twist(added low slow flutter to it) and Side Plank X20 Each side

COT- YHC brought up the fact that we’re all seeing things that we never thought we’d see in our lifetime.  A war against an enemy which literally cuts peoples heads off, a virus killing thousands of people abroad and a virus in the states killing children.  It’s a nasty world we live in and our only hope is to put our faith in God.  Peak Week motioned to change Lois Learner’s name and the motion was granted welcome Tardy(the Pax formerly known as Lois Learner) to the fold.  Mule is still on for October 25th.  Howard rolls out to Kenya on October 21st.  Lois Learner’s(cough sorry) Tardy’s Brother-In-Law is about to be deployed to Afghanistan with the Enemy as unpredictable as it is today there’s a ton of fear in leaving his family.  Modified ball of man(Circled up on our knees and held hands).  YHC decided this morning we’d pray from our knees.  With our World in Crisis on so many fronts YHC was lead to kneel before the King and pray for all of those around the world, the PAX prayed for Peace, for Leadership and Forgiveness.

As always it’s such a pleasure to lead you all!  I’m so grateful for everything F3 has given me getting to see a Lunar Eclipse just adds to the list of the amazing things I’ve done with my F3 brothers!