20 Hard Chargers on Fletcher Field, including an October call up of Costco and Wilson from the well attended AAA-affilliate in the North Hills of Raleigh.  They have a perpetual $1 Hot Dog Special or something.  The organization needed some additional righties for the pennant stretch.  Good, too, to see Maize socially.  But Lo.  A crafty veteran of posts gone by trotted out of the gloom.  Running back at the Wildcats or something.  Let the bell be rung–what better way to return to F3 than with a 10K mud run?  Simple but effective.  Reason No. 1,286 why Everybody Loves Sproles. 0545 and off we go.

The Thang:

Jog up Washington Street to the upper parking lot.  Circle up.  Witness rare dog runner on the upper field.  Interesting sociology there.

SSHs, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers.  Jog to lower field by way of House of Cats.

6 X 300s.

3 X 4 Corners.  1st Time.  20 Mericans at each corner.  2nd time 15 Lunge Walk Steps Sprint to end.  3rd time 15 Lunge Walk Steps Sprint to end.  Spray some People’s Chair.

Interlude: 15 Wide Mericans.  15 Lunges. 15 Dry Docks.  15 Air Squats.

11s on Hamburger Hill.  Star Jumps & Burpees.  Word.


  • Gobbler credit to Plebe.  Let it be noted.
  • Munsonian Gatorade for all hands (which is unqualified awesome).  Too bad Munson was fielding legal questions from Singapore at 0400 EST and couldn’t be with us.  “Dear Doug, Greetings from Kyoshi Towers.  How are things in Raleigh-Durham…?”
  • And praise to Yo Yo, who’s really made a commitment to try to be a decent runner.  He logged some miles before hand.  He’s gonna break the elusive 10:00 min. mile in the new year–I can feel it.
  • Faux Pellini and Mister Hand are solid regulars at the Ball Bearings experience.  That’s strong. Same for Fannie, who apparently has morphed into a fitness stallion after the energizing effect of the crazy neon get-ups he wore for the Blue Ridge.
  • The Blood Moon on the sky.  Imagine if you just got to town and had no context for that?  The symphony of the heavens.  Right there on Fletcher Field.
  • Ball Bearings Command gave a general order that we are going to work on Wednesday AM.  My humble effort this AM.  Honored to lead.
  • In the words of Sproles, make it a great day.