Seeing as we had just finished another outstanding time at the Superbowl of F3, I figured the PAX of 13 (including 1 FNG) would enjoy a nice leisurely morning of golf. So that’s just what we did! After a quick disclaimer was stated for the FNG, we headed down the hill and across the soccer field to the Paschal Golf Club to get in a quick 9 holes.

Butt kickers, high knees, and karaoke across the soccer field. Continue down the hill, through the woods, and on down Kneeler Hill (hole #4), being careful not to get injured in the dark before we even started playing.

The Thang:
The PAX was instructed on the rules of play…
2) Starting from the blue tees, entire PAX has 5 minutes to complete running down the fairway to the green and perform 15 burpees. If any PAX has not completed run and 15 burpees within the 5 minute time hack, then all PAX will suffer penalty of 30 burpees on next hole. If any PAX member needs help meeting the time hack, another PAX member is permitted to take some burpees for them. Brothers help brothers and iron sharpens iron! Aye!
3) If you’re not running or doing burpees, you’re doing plank-o-rama until all PAX have completed with burpees.
3) Repeato until we have completed all 9 holes.

When all was said and done, we completed 2.5 miles of dark rolling hills, 135 burpees, and a goodly amount of planking. Very impressed with the PAX, no penalties were given! We came close on the par 5s but some burpee assists got us over the hump. I think next time we might have to go for a 4 minute time hack just to keep it interesting!

A morning on the golf course is better than any day in the office!

No time for Mary, we were already 3 min late and still needed to give our FNG a name. In the spirit of the day, and in honor of the man who designed our little 9 holer, our FNG was aptly named Arnold (said with a strong Terminator like emphasis on the ‘A’).

Be sure to sign up for the Mule III convergence on Saturday Oct 25th at Pullen (Click here). You’ll get a nice 3 hour tour of the City of Oaks and great fellowship with your F3Raleigh brothers. You won’t want to miss out!