13 PAX posted ready to hit greenway, where YHC quickly realized that his needed headlamp was sitting at home on the kitchen counter. Luckily, Mini came prepared.  After a circle-up and count off, we worried out loud whether or not 8 Mile had lost his Vineyard Vines sponsorship. Fear not! His lobster reef “sweater vest” was taking the morning off, but he was not.

Started off with 10 burpees OYO, and then we were off. A couple of greenway stops for Merkins x 10, Starjumps x10 (in cadence? YHC found out the hard way – No), then bear crawls over the bridge. Upon reaching the lacrosse field, circle up.


Side Straddle Hop x20, Imperial Walker sx10, Good Mornings x10, Mountain Climbers x10

The Thang:

Pair up into teams of two:

  • Each team needed to complete 150 diamond merkins followed by 150 merkins, COLLECTIVELY. The team member not doing merkins or diamond merkins would frog jump to mid field and run back, then flapjack with his partner (this exercise sounds confusing just writing it, so no wonder Wendell Gee was stuck scratching his head)
  • Next, each team collectively did 100 star jumps, while the other team member ran the entire length of the field.
  • Next, each team member did LBCs while the other member bear crawled to mid-field and ran back (2 rounds)
  • Next, each team collectively did 50 burpees while the other team member ran the entire field and back.

Then we headed to the picnic hut for:

  • pullups x8 (special thanks to Wendell Gee for reminding us that bad things happen when 13 grown men hang from the middle of the rafters)
  • derkins x10
  • pullups x6
  • derkins x9 (YHC was  pretty gassed at this point)


  • WWII situps x20
  • Box cutters x15
  • LBC x15


It has been put up for discussion whether Turtle has the right to retain his F3 name, as that was his high school nickname as well. Stay tuned.

Countrywide took us out in prayer

As Always, a pleasure to lead this group of men. HD