Shovel flag planted for the PAX of 20 in the gloom, off we go.The radio in my head has CCR on the dial as I venture to Shelly Lake. True Grit is getting close to 2 years old, sometimes time doesn’t fly. The following is a quote from the man who inspired the workout name: “Tomorrow hopes we have learned something today.” – John Wayne

The Thang:

4 minute run

Warm-up: Good Mornings x 15, Merkins x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15

Dam-It: Partner up at end near open field. Partner 1 runs to second bench and back while partner 2 performs AMRAP reps: Exercises: Carolina Dry Docks, Spiderman Merkins, High Plank Shoulder Taps, Chilcutt Hold, Burpees. Might have been one more, High Plank hold till PAX is done

Run to Pull-up Bars : Partner Up and go through 3 cycles of 5 Pull-ups, 10 Derkins & 15 Dips. High Plank + Swiss Merkins when done till all PAX are finished.

Run down the hill and grab a rock, max curls while we wait for PAX to gather

Slow Count Miltary Press x 15, run to top of hill with rock with 5 merkins and then back down. Squat Hold with rock until PAX gathers (will plan better with more trips next time)

Slow Count Tricep Press x 15, Slow Count Curls x 15, American Hammers with Rock x 20, LBCs with Rock x 20, Dying Cockroach with Rock held high x 15. Drop rocks & run to parking lot.

COT with Lurch taking us out in prayer

 -T-claps to Gnard Dogg for his hard work Qing the Mud Run logistics last weekend. Strong performances by Dead End Panda (new Nimble Panda holders) and Zero Hour helped represent the region big time with Top 5 & Top 20 finishes on Saturday. #strong YHC is impressed and equally inspired to be ready come April 11th. Congratulations are in order.

-The orginal mid-week workout moves to 5:45am tomorrow morning at Fletcher Park. For those who have never been and want to know where F3 Raleigh standards were set for workout difficulty pay a visit to Ball Bearings. There’s no difference between a reason and an an excuse.

-YHC figured if the hill was mowed then surely the fields were too. Well the PAX learned something about 3 minutes into the workout…..they weren’t. Reason #26 not to rely on a Weinke when Qing. #planB #orplanaheadbetter

-Prayers for the PAX spoken and unspoken, but special one for theTodd family down in Whiteville & here in Raleigh.

-Step out of your routine to post at The Arena & Metamorphosis. Next stop for the Arena is Oct 24th @ 2:30 in the afternoon, see Duff & Countrywide. There’s been a FNG at each of the past 3 Metamorphosis workouts, hoping tomorrow will keep the streak alive. See Cinderella for details. #starfish