5 PAX braved the gloom and chilly start to the week at Apex Community Park and soon discovered that the gates were locked…not to worry, parking on the street was a good option and sweat quickly ensued. It seems the fartsack had an allure not seen in some time as well as several of our men partying the night before at some concert and couldn’t post. Surcharge, we are looking at you.

-Jog down the park road to the main parking area

WARM UP: SSH x 17, Good Mornings x 17, Mountain Climbers x 17


Head to corner of volley ball court for instructions on Riptide’s latest and greatest Ladder workout. Banjo is sorry he didn’t make this one. Run to each corner and begin with 4 merkeins. The PAX took turns adding one exercise at each corner stop after completing the previous exercise at each corner stop, ladder style. 4x merkeins, 5x LBC’s, 6x squats, 7x burpees, 8x wide arm merkeins, 7x mountain climbers, 6x American hammers

Jog to the shelter and grab a spot on the bench

17x the dip, 17 x incline merkeins, 17 count 6 inch leg holds off of picnic table. Take a lap around lower park and repeat the 3 exercises.

YHC mentioned it was test kitchen time for the PAX. Jog over to tennis court steps and grab a partner. Q was intrigued by a Lourds workout that mentioned stairbarrows. PAX went up the 3 flights of stairs in partnered stairbarrow style and flapjack.


Circle up and begin with 20xLBC’s, 20xWWII sit ups, 20X American hammers. 6 count around the circle as each man called out a mary exercise for a total of 30 count.


T Claps to Cousins riding his bike in Cape Cod 165 miles and raised $3k for charity. Great work.  Grease Monkey led us out.