I know it’s well past the several day requested time to deliver a BB, but better late than never (Captain Kangaroo, I’ll get to that KK Challenge one from Feb eventually).  Think I owe 5-6 from the last 2 weeks so here goes #1:

Warm-up:  SSH x 20; good mornings x 10; std merkins x 15.  Jog around large block past Money Hose’s house and down Hanover I believe back to park.

Standard HM set:  7 stations as follows: 1) Curls with dumbbells, 2) Scotty Bobs, 3) Clean and Press, 4) Bent over rows, 5) Curls again with bar; 6) Overhead press; 7) Tricep ext I believe.  Choose a station and AMRAP until 2 min time called.  After one rotation through, grab something heavy (dumbbell or cinder) and run around the park alternating with weight above head, arms stretched, and simply running.  Periodic stops for merkins.

Return to stations for several more stations and then another lap around park stopping periodically for exercise of Q’s choice….more often than not merkins.  Back to stations for a few additional stops and then another lap around stopping periodically as above.  Back to stations and then another lap.  3 laps total in addition to warm-up lap.

Mary:  No specific Mary as we did some ab work during the laps.  Finish with 15-20 merkins.

COT: Mule Oct 25…sign up!  Prayers for HP family as well as Picante.  Mister Rogers took us out.  BB 1 in the books!