The Judge launches at 5:30 tomorrow at the NC Art Museum. Bring it!

The Thang:

Partner up.

Run the greenway from the parking lot, take a right at the blue loop, follow path to the right at the bend (we’ve gone left the last two weeks – #variety #thespiceoflife), and run down the hill toward the first bridge.

At the first wood bridges, do 20 cross-fit merkins and 20 LBCs. Run to the next bridge. Do the same number and type of exercises. Run up the hill to the big bridge.

At the start of the bridge, do 10 burpees. Run to the middle of the bridge, do 10 sumo jump squats and 10 jumping lunges (doubles). Run to the end of the bridge, do 10 derkins off your partners back. Turn around and keep repeating the bridge exercises until 6:05.

At that time, run back toward home base and repeat the bridge exercises at the two wood bridges on the way home.

Mary in the parking lot if time affords.

See you tomorrow.