9 PAX engaged in a deep discussion on where we place our identity. Society creates an expectation for us as men to be strong and to always be able to handle any problems that come our way. Society elevates self. Humility is considered a weak trait. We’re taught by society that our value should be defined by earthly goals: net worth, job, house, car,┬ásocial┬ástatus, the list goes on. According to Richard Simmons in The True Measure of a Man, “When we find our identity, our sense of worth, from someone outside of ourselves, we allow them to participate in the shaping of our identities. Once we conform to the standards of this audience, we let them determine how well we are doing in our assigned role and define how successful we are in life.” “What will people think of me?” is a question that drives many men’s decisions. What is the result of this futile effort? Feelings of insignificance, inadequacy and in some cases depression.

What would happen if we let the person who determines our worth not be society but Jesus?

Ephesians 2:10 says we are of incredible value simply because we are His masterpiece. Our value is not based on what we do but on who made us. CS Lewis, a well known writer and atheist for 30 years before becoming a believer wrote “until you have given yourself up to Him, you will not have a real self.”

We are all looking for anything that will make us feel better. All of these earthy things that many men chase are temporary and can be lost. According to Simmons, “God desires to heal us, to restore us so that we might become the men He created us to be. He wants God to be who we identify with. And when this happens, it will impact every other area of our life.”

Well said.




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Read The True Measure of a Man by Richard Simmons. Powerful lessons of life.