In keeping with last weeks use of new NCMOA structures we will focus our time on the new upper lot.


The warm-up: group run around blue loop and back up past sleeping lady structure to meet up at large in ground circle. Some core to get us going. Partner up

Clock work: We will all start at bottom of circle (6 o’clock if you will). One partner will do Erkins counter clockwise while other partner does Derkins moving clockwise to the 15 min hand and 45 min hand respectively. stand up and speed run back to 6 o’clock. repeat but partners will switch directions. Total of 6 reps, 3 each direction. Plank it out after all reps complete until all groups done.

Dark Hills: Run down blue hill to intersection. 15 spider man push ups, 15 dips on the bench (we will have to take turns since there is only one bench), 15 carolina dry docks, 30 hammers (left + right =1 rep). Run down to last wooden bridge. 15 burpees OYO, Run back up. Repeat intersection work. Run up to in-ground circle, 15 burpees. If time permits, repeat (or possibly just down to intersection and back to top). Meet at in-ground circle at 608 for Mary. Fellowship walk-jog back to cars at 0dark15