YHC is making a conscious effort to arrive at the AO’s in time to join the pax for the full time of the workout, especially when Q’ing.  Yesterday was close as SW decided to vacate the lot as soon as he saw me, so arriving with time to spare this morning put me on time 2 out of 3 this week.   Though we still started a minute or so late, YHC was on time.  With no FNG’s and plenty of familiar faces, 25 total began the 43 degree morning heading north from the SF, and here’s how it worked out.

The Thang:  Heading north from the flag we made a right at the WF intersection and headed past the business up top, circling back around past the rock hole to the bottom lot in front of Target.

Warm-ups:  Good Mornings x 15, Plank Jacks x 20, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x10 e/w split by 10 Bird Claps, Imperial Walkers x 20, warm!

Follow YHC to the middle level of the deck, with our own celebrity in the house, we made our way to the far side on the long stretch where we could see his likeness at the end of the run.  Find a partner, “nothing matters”, YHC ran and worked along side Shaggy and partner as 25 made for an odd man out. Partner 1 runs to the end to slap the pic of Flush while partner 2 does work, cumulative work between partners.  First work was 100 Mericans as a team while 1 partner runs then filp flop, next was 100 Star Jumps, then 60 WWII’s, then 100 Carolina Dry Dock’s, lastly was 40 Burpee’s.

R&R out the Six Forks side of the deck and head back to the Rock Hole, climb in and find a rock for some stationary work. 3 sets of rock squat presses, curls, and rutrows, x15, x12, & x10.

Back out to the lot where we would again R&R around the Beltline side of the deck back to the pumpkin tent for a little lunge walking, jog over to the JC Penny’s wall and find your partner again, one partner does max reps of Quick Feet while the other backwards runs to the opposite side of the lot and back, then flap jack.

Circle up in front of SF for Crunchy Frogs led by Manram x 20 while YHC retrieved his recording device from the trusty whip.  10 Burpee’s OYO, Have a Nice Day x 45.


COT: 25 Pax Name-o-rama, YHC shared that he has been studying John this year in BSF and that we have been looking at Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well in Samaria, and how YHC had never considered how despised this woman was by so many, except Jesus.  YHC reminded the PAX that no matter your circumstances God can use you mightily.  That through the testimony of a at best, despised, disrespected, woman of ill repute, many came to faith in Jesus.  That we need not worry about where we’ve been or what we’ve done, God can and will use the testimony of our transformation to bring the people we least expected to Himself.  Also to be willing to look at the person you may hold that ill will towards and be willing to genuinely listen to their testimony! YHC also mentioned the parable of the shepherd who leaves the 99 in search of the 1.  Who has disappeared from your flock, remember they are just lost, be willing to invite them back in.

The Skin:

Sorry to start a minute or two late, that’s just how the cookie crumbled today.  Orwell noted the “old man gear” was out in full force, toboggan, long pants, and long shirts, led by Life Alert.  Caddie rolled up just as we were getting ready to get moving, I have enjoyed seeing him back in the gloom.  And you never know when Tecumseh will appear for a post, who knows maybe he’ll break back out the rice bags from his bomb shelter for a workout.  Costco complained a little under his breath, always a sign of a good workout.  YHC is feeling slower than I have in a long time, I think the extra doughnut challenge worked in reverse, Peachy and I are back on it though and will weigh in Tuesday 11/22 at the Forge for a skinned up Q, for his sake I hope the weather is warm.  Great to finally put Flush on the spot about the 8 4’x8′ pictures of he and his daughter circa 2005 in the parking deck, he said a photographer they had used asked if she could use some of their pictures for something, next thing you know he’s plastered in the then new parking deck at North Hills. Mumble chatter was high this morning to start off, this is a good sign for YHC, I like it when the PAX are comfortable with the morning crew, things quieted down after the work began.  Shaggy has his name plate on his shoe with contact info for his bride, this is a good idea, if you keel over many professionals in our midst could help you but would not know how to get in touch with your loved ones, something to think about.  I don’t think I heard a “Yeah Chip” even once this morning, I’ll have to double check with Yoda to make sure he’s not sick.  Great morning, great crew, I could go on but will just encourage you to come next time.  Somehow YHC unintentionally doubled up this week, see you Friday morning at FZ if you missed the CW round up or didn’t get enough.

CW Out