It was a cold winter’s morn… enough of that.  It was freezing and we were at Baileywick.  Dabo sent a text yesterday saying he wasn’t driving in from Brier Creek to lead our reindeer games, so YHC took the Q.  My iPhone said it was 14 degrees when I walked out the door and there were lots of ice patches to dodge on my way in, but it was worth it.  There is nothing like posting when it seems no other sane person would.  I got there a little early, backed into a spot and watched as 8 other insane people pulled in.  9 PAX for 14 degrees and windy and one is only 13 years old and one wore no hat and one wore shorts.  These people are crazy, but man, are they my kind of people!

No disclaimer.  If you’re crazy enough to be out in this weather a disclaimer isn’t going to slow you down. Run around the parking lot to get warm.  That didn’t work.  Circle up.  Too windy, let’s move behind the building so it can block the wind.  This was the first of several decisions I made on the fly today that weren’t that well thought out.  The space was tight, CDC was doing exercises in a leaf pile and I’m not sure the wind was any better here.  Oh well.. here’s what we did.

SSH x20
GM x10
IW x20
SFAC x10 each way

I started laughing during the warm up and it made calling cadence pretty difficult.  But standing outside at 545 in a dark park with CDC jumping around in leaves, Headgear wearing shorts, me bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story and realizing there was no place I’d rather be, was pretty funny to me.  Thanks to the PAX for bearing with me.

Off to grab the rock pile to grab a rock.  I was called many names at this point and none were kind.

Take your rock to the picnic tables for grinders… ok, ok, no grinders.

Sets of 11s

Tricep Extensions/Freddy Mercurys
Overhead Press/forgot next exercise so we did LBCs
Bent over rows/remembered so we did American Hammers

Run to the baseball field for a set of 7s.  (Should have made VHS do 8s so he would finish with the rest of us – will remember this next time)
Start at home plate, Squats at right field foul pole, Lunges at left field foul pole and do a burpee everytime you pass home.

Run through the outfield with arms extended like a little kid pretending to be a plane.  I’m 46 and I still love doing this.  Stop in Centerfield to appreciate the blessings we have.  Running through a snow covered field like we don’t have a care in the world.  These ARE the good old days boys.

Back to the picnic tables to grab our rocks and return them.

Circle up at the picnic shelter for quick Mary of Merkins and Spine Relaxers.


1/15 – North Raleigh New Years gathering at Chow at 6pm.  All PAX welcome.  If you’re reading this, you are invited.
Forum on Monday.  Studying I Corinthians.  Panera at Forum Drive (Colonnade).


Headgear’s wife was diagnosed with cancer 1 year ago, but high praise for her recovery so far.  Continued prayers!
YHC starts a new job next week.

YHC took us out.  Thank you Lord for the blessing to lead these men.  It’s an honor I do not deserve but cherish none the less.