Jog to softball parking lot – completed: Side Straddle hop, Good Mornings, Imperials/Hillbilly, Fossy Arm Circles, Diamond Merkins

Main workout:

Jog to back South parking lot, 11’s – across the parking lot – merkins and mountain climbers.

Between fields 1: 45 degrees for leg pushdowns

BTTW – 2 reps 10 count with other half doing squat jumps

Between fields 2: 45 degrees for leg pushdowns

Tennis Courts – With Partner – 2 sets of BTTW and sprint with bear crawl back and 2 sets of peoples chair and sprint with lung walk back

COT/Mary: Plank-O-Rama, Count-off (15 strong), Name-O-Rama



  • Shirt Order (Red for ALS on RaceDay) is ready
  • Q-Swap next week (SW to Q) and week after next (Q’s will come to man SW workouts).  See FB googledocs post for open Q’s slots needed