5 PAX braved the frigid temperatures this morning for another downPAINment at the new Tobacco Road workout in southwest Durham. It was 24 degrees and frosty. Good thing Floyd came along to heat things up. In the past, our group has done the “Gloom Dial” which consisted of 12 different stations. Because this workout is only 45 minutes, the gloom dial was abbreviated to the Gloom Compass which consisted of 8 stations. With each direction on the compass, the PAX would run with a 20 pound paver and do an exercise. When they ran back to the center of the compass, a second non-weight exercise was performed.

Bicep curls x 25
Standard Merkins x 20

Tricep curls x 25
Tricep pushups x 10

Weighted Jump Lunges x 25
Quad Hoppers x 20

Southeast (WILD CARD ROUND, aka Doogie’s penalty phase): Each PAX picked a number between 1-4 and were assigned an exercise to do
Doogie: Block Burpees x 15
Carlton: Kettlebells x30
Floyd and Adolphus: Merkin with block on back x 15
Rodeo: Side to side block twists x 15 each side

Doogie and Adolphus: Burpees x 15
Carlton: Derkins x 15
Rodeo: Dips x 25
Floyd: B2W Pushups x 10

Russian Hammers with blocks: x 25
Shoulder Annihilators x 15 each side

Lumberjack chops (weighted) x 15 each side
Up and downs x 10

Weighted top shelfs x 25
Switchbacks x 25

Kettlebells x 30
Scorpions x 20

LBCs x 30
Heels to the Heavens x 30
WWII situps x 1945
6 inch leg raises, 10 count x 5


There is only one rule in my world. Do not eat my cookies without permission. Doogie.
Welcome to Carlton who had the privilege of being an FNG on the day I wanted to punish Doogie.
Strong work to those who came out despite the freezing temperatures. I can see the Thursday workout being very popular in the future.