And then there were four.  Four Pax, all over forty emerged from frozen gloom to answer the call of the wild. This was no place for youth, with their full heads of hair, footie pajamas and bad insurance.  This was for the grizzled veterans, rode hard and put up wet, raging against the hands of time.

The Thang

Run to Stonehenge


SSH X 20, Imperial  Walkers X 20, Good Mornings X 10, Fazio Arm Circles X 10 Reverse X 10

Run around lake to Gazebo

Jack Webb 10 ‘Mericans, 1 Shoulder Press -> 1 ‘Merican, 10 Shoulder Presses

Run to Picnic Shelter

Alternating Left/Right Step-ups X 20, ‘Iricans X 15, Prisoner Squat X 20, Dips X 15


Run to tennis courts and line up to count off by 2’s (This was pretty easy)

BCG Slot Machine

3 combinations of Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Gorilla Walk on the each of the three courts (different each time)

Group 1 – GCB’s to far court, run back

Group 2 – Burpees


Group 1 – CGB’s to far court, run back

Group 2 – Balls to the wall then plank


Group 1 – BGC’s to far court, run back

(Gnard Dogg bites it on the ice during crab walk. Fortunately he’s only 2 inches of the ground)

Group 2 – People’s Chair


Run back to carousel

Partner Combo Mary

Group 1 on line, Group 2 run around carousel

100 LBC’s

100 Reverse LBC’s

Wrap up with…

40 ‘Merican  Hammers



3rd F gathering at Raleigh Brewing, March 13

F3 Dads (AKA Kiddie Rumpus w/ Au Pair) inaugural work out March 22 9:30 Fletcher Park

My Boy Blue takes us out w/ a prayer