3 PAX emerged from the 18 degree gloom at Martin MS for a little beatdown on the track.  The plan was for the tricky combination of 4x1km@T interspersed with 2-3x200m@R.  One lap around the track and the potential for inadvertent Dan Jansens, we quickly realized that speedskating was not in the cards. So, Layover, Friar Tuck, and YHC headed up to Ridge Road for some improvisation.

The Thang –
1/2 mile warm-up on track and up to Ridge Road
Windmills x 16, Imperial Walkers x16, Good Morningsx17.

Work – 5 x 1km @ Threshold pace with a 2 minute jogging recovery.  Threshold is intended to be ~1 min/mi slower than the Mile Test.  We spread out through the work and regathered for the jogging recovery.  Dodged a little black ice (and a few cars – none of us was dressed with proper reflective gear for the road), but made it back unscathed.


  • T-claps to those that braved the cold and ice to join me for some #Hi-Fidelity.  I was a bit worried when I rolled into the parking lot alone this AM.  Happy that some chose to abandon the warmth of home to join me.  #NoSadClowns
  • Covered 4.8 miles in around 42 minutes.  Strong work from the Pax.  Buck Rogers report on Strava – I highly recommend the Strava app on your iphone or using Strava with a Garmin gps to track your running.  Join the F3Run club to track your progress among the Pax.
  • Friar Tuck led us in prayer as we lifted up his brother, and the passing of my friend John’s father.  The Lord is with us in these tough times as well as the good times.  We are thankful for our many blessings.
  • Tar Heel 10-miler is 4/26.  Signup with F3 of the Triangle.  7 PAX have signed up so far.  Are you next?