Prologue: Long time readers may remember Yukon Cornelius has mentioned on multiple occasions his desire to skip Lame Duck one week and attend the Fight Club AO.  YHC mentioned at Wednesday coffeeteria that I was considering Qing Lame Duck this week and Yukon immediately piped up he would post FC if I did. Thursday night I decided to make good on this so here we go! Warm Up: -20 Side Straddle Hops -10 Good Mornings -20 Imperial Walkers -10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward -10 Seal Claps -10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse -10 Mercans -10 count leg over leg stretch (left over right) -10 count leg over leg stretch (right over left) -World’s Greatest Stretch (left side then right side) The Thang: -Grab a rock, OYO rock curls as we walk to the soccer field. Leave rock by the fence, line up at edge of track along the long side of the soccer field. -7-11s (traditional 11s plus 7 reps of another exercise each time through the middle). Elevens: Star Jumps and Imperial Squat Walkers. Seven LBCs each pass through midfield. -Grab rocks, mosey to baseball diamond. -Home Run (new name for exercise I Q’d two Qs ago at LD). Each PAX stand at a corner of the baseball diamond. One PAX calls an exercise, runs two laps while other PAX perform the called exercise. When PAX returns, next PAX (rotating counterclockwise) does the same. Cycle through PAX three times total, so 4 PAX * 3 cycles = twelve exercises total). Called exercises included: Rock squats, SSH, American Hammers, Triceps extensions, Bent Over Rows, Rock Freddy Mercurys, Overhead presses, Curls, LBCs, Chest Presses, and a couple I can’t remember. -Leave rocks, mosey to bricks, PAX each get 2 bricks. -Brick work: Lateral Raises x10, Forearm raises x10, Bent Over Flys x10, Shoulder Presses x10, Lateral Raises x15, Forearm raises x15, BO Flys x15. Return bricks, mosey back to rocks for Mary. Mary: -Protractors with Rocks. -10 degrees hold for PAX 10 count around circle. -45 degrees for PAX 10 count. -10 degrees for PAX 10 count. -90 degrees for PAX 10 count. -10 degrees for PAX 10 count. I think there was a 60 degrees in there somewhere but I don’t remember for sure. -Plan was to have PAX each lead a Mary exercise, but only one minute left. Lamp suggests and YHC calls Freddie Mercurys (no rocks) x20. -Have a Nice Day. COT: 4 PAX. Announcements: Sign up for rebuilding work in Burgaw. Prayers: Azul, Ringwald’s wife, and my neighbor’s family. Can’t remember if there were others. Go Long took us out. Naked Moleskin: I’m glad Yukon finally got his shot at Fight Club. We saw him at coffeeteria and it sounded like it went well even though Elmer Fudd, who’d been EHing him, was a no show. Nice Ruck-by during Home Run by Joule, Popeye, and Les Nessman (didn’t know who it was until coffeeteria). If there’s a first rule of Lame Duck, it’s probably No Running, which the Ruckers caught us doing during Home Run. Really just light jogging though, LOL. Does anyone ever read these? I will give $1 to the first person who tells me they read this Backblast. Support each other! -Pigpen QIC: Pigpen PAX: Benji, Go Long, Lamp, Pigpen (YHC) Workout Date: 07/26/19