Twas a great morning for a virgin solo Q – ground covered in morning dew, temps in the range of a sauna that’s only just been turned on and birds beginning to get their chirp on. YHC came in hoping to have enough planned to fill 45 minutes and quickly shifted gears to decide what needed to be cut out.

10 for EC. CDC showed the EC crowd what happens when nobody wants to lead it…50-rep challenge style. It was a strong session as evidenced by the early formation of the inevitable heart-shaped sweat stain on YHC’s shirt.

27 PAX for the main event (no FNGs as YHC learned later at CoT).

Good Mornings, Hillbillies (YHC figured out how to simultaneously perform these and call cadence by rep #4), Mountain Climbers, SSHs and Windmills. YHC calls for a premature count-off as PAX continue to trickle in, giving me false confidence there is an even number of PAX for the forthcoming partner exercises.

Follow me down the greenway path to the bridge for an extra cozy session of Erkins and Derkins. YHC powers through and laughs out “Downs” after Baby Bells demonstrates his admiration by blowing in YHC’s ear.

Next stop, the patch of path/grass next to the Baileywick Road entrance. Monkey Humpers and Rosalitas in cadence and Flutter Kicks audibled to OYO with YHC out of breath. Two cyclists and an unspecified number of vehicles witness the PAX invigorating themselves.

Walk to the park entrance and mosey toward the rock pile via Crabwalks, Bear Crawls, Backwards Jogs and Alternating Leg Lunges (Tinker Toy vows to bring a non-alternating version to a future workout). Grab a rock and crank out Overhead Presses and Tricep Extensions. Touch rock to fence at top of the hill and return to repeat, only with the addition of the Bent Over Rows YHC forgot in set #1.

Lug rock up the hill one more time and set down momentarily for a session of BTTW, People’s Chair and Fence Planks. YHC then calls Indian Run w/ Rocks, encouraging Rock Curls while in-transit. YHC immediately senses a mix of skepticism and disgust amongst the PAX and commits to the call even more, determined to prove it not to be a terrible idea. In hindsight, YHC grades the idea a B-, which some folks consider respectable. Conclude rock exercises with Dying Cockroaches and American Hammers, with YHC figuring out how to call the latter a few reps in.

Drop off rocks on the way to the baseball field and partner up for Partner Carries and Wheelbarrows around the bases (YHC still has no idea we picked up 3 PAX since the initial count-off and doesn’t notice who is left to work solo). Jog on down the 1st base line as YHC attempts to salvage at least one exercise using the cones he arrived early to set up. Partner work to a total of 200 double-count Freddy Mercuries, while other partner Karaokes to center field cone and jogs back. Six-inch leg holds for the 10-count to wrap up the on-field festivities. Mosey on back to parking lot where YHC incorrectly assumes he’ll remember all PAX in attendance (thanks to Baby Bells and Tinker Toy for filling the gaps).

Plankjacks, Boxcutters and Have a Nice Day.

• Tinker Toy is hosting the next book study for Better Dads, Stronger Sons at his house on Monday, June 3rd. Arrive at 7:00pm for corn hole. Discussion of Chapter 6 from 7:30pm – 8:45pm. Reach out to @F3Tinkertoy on Twitter for the address if you don’t have it.
• Sand Dollar is trying to save F3 soccer on Saturday mornings at 6:45am and encouraged PAX to consider participating. He made no mention of required/desired skill level, so this may have been a huge mistake.

Prayers and Praise
• For Pygmy’s daughter ahead of oral surgery.