Today was my 2nd Q and, while mind was much less anxious than my VQ, my body was crushed from the low crawls and partner carries at the Memorial Day Convergence (and Grady’s EC).  YHC was banking on a shot of adrenaline to get me through and luckily it did.

21 PAX for the main event.  10 for EC.

No FNGs so straight to warm up.  Mumble chatter was immediate with veteran PAX member(s) reminiscing about a questionable call YHC made a couple weeks ago – burpees in cadence.  YHC soldiered on only slightly letting them get to him.


Imperial Walker, SSH, Low slow squat


Partner up and mosey to the adjacent neighborhood.  Partner one runs around island while partner two completes exercises.  Flapjack after one lap and, as a team, complete 150 merkins, 150 sumo jump squats, and 150 LBCs. Plank jacks and mountain climbers while everybody finishes up.

Neighborhood tour continues with a quick stop for 20 curb mercans and 20 curb jump ups.

Mosey to bottom of nice gentle hill for Jacob’s ladder. Mercans at the bottom, burpees at the top.  Start at one of each and increase up to seven.   Sand Dollar finishes strong with a clinic on proper burpee technique while the shame and regret of YHC’s frog jump burpees sets in.

Catch our breath and slow mosey to the last neighborhood stop for more curb work.  20 derkins and 20 curb jump ups.

Back on familiar school grounds, we hit the courtyard for BTTW in cadence (30 count).  Similar to warm ups YHC hears mumble chatter immediately to my left.  YHC can’t make it out, but it is so loud that the PAX are drowning out his cadence calls.  YHC is 100% sure that he is being mocked for calling cadence on BTTW – a first in F3 history.  But then YHC sees VHS crab walking between the PAX and the wall just as the mumble chatter of “Amazing Gary!” becomes clear.  YHC has witnessed a couple attempts before but he’s never made it to the end.  This time is different.  This time YHC is calling cadence and makes a promise to himself that these men are not removing their balls from the wall until VHS does a full Amazing Gary.  He does, Grady confirms the result, and we get back to work.

Broad jump to the other side of the courtyard and repeato.  There is groaning sufficient enough to knock BTTW down to a 15 count for round 2.

Mosey towards parking lot and, since YHC isn’t a huge fan of Mary, we stop at the field and eat some minutes with wheelbarrow work and running.


WWI sit ups, American Hammer, Low Slow Flutter, LBCs, Have a Nice Day!


  • Tinker Toy is hosting the next book study at his house on June 3rd.  Come for corn hole at 7:00. Discussion of Chapter 6 is from 7:30 – 8:45.  @F3Tinkertoy on twitter for GPS coordinates.  These are amazing discussions and are highly recommended by YHC.
  • Beavis reminds us that today (5/29) is National College Savings Day.  A good reminder to think and plan for our children’s future.
  • Papercut is heading to the coast to help with disaster relief on June 8th.  Join him.

Prayers and Praise

  • For Magellan and his M as they await the arrival of their first AND second 2.0s in October!

Thank you, Grady, for leading us out in Prayer.