YHC was ready for a great beat down to prep for the convergence F3 Raleigh this Memorial Day weekend.  YHC wanted each of the PAX to continue to remember the sacrifices that men and women have made for our country.  Because of their sacrifice I am able to work, live, and play with my friends and family on a daily basis.

The Thang: WARM UP SSH, Wind Mills, Squats, Butt kickers, High knees each x20 in Cadence (Technique is everything).

Balls 2 the wall relay (PAX holds balls to wall while first runs to end of PAX and resumes position) 30 yards.

Merkin Indian Bear crawl: Bear Crawl from back to front of PAX and call down for PAX merkin, repeat the 30 yards back.

10 minute AMRAP: 25 LBC’s, 20 Plank Jacks, 15 Squats, 10 Merkins, 5 Lunges. Keep repeating for 10 min.

10 min AMRAP Partner work: One partner Tire flip while other moseys to Pull up bar for 5x and returns to Tire.

Indian Run on track to corner of park for Light Pole Mountain Climbers: Mosey to light pole and back to start 20 MC (each leg counts), repeat for all 6 poles.

Scout run lap around park

Back to flag for Mary: Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury all x20 Cadence.

TOTAL OF 4X PAIN TRAIN TODAY, NEW RECORD!  5 Burpees each time the train sounded  (Dirt Pipes has suggested we increase to 10 reps).

Total of 2.19 miles by the PAX during the workout!

BOM/COT: Continued prayers for Ben, Stove pipe, Chelsea

Announcements: Don’t forget the Convergence for Memorial Day with F3 Raleigh at the Museum of Art 7 AM.  Sasquach at ENC July 27th.  Spartan in Fayetteville next weekend!

See you in the gloom, proud to call you all friends/brothers.