The virtual flag was planted and 9 PAX members set out to tackle Raleigh’s version of Red Rocks.

The Thang:

-Ran a mile in. Blue loop until it splits off toward the amphitheater.

-Groups did between five and six rounds of this:

-Amphitheater – Wheel barrels and partner carry up and down the stairs. #thesesucked

-Grassy knoll behind the silver tree – 10 burpees, 15 derkins off your partners back, 20 LBCs.

Called it at 6:08 and headed back to the parking lot.

Mary – 6 inch leg hold, windshield wipers, and bicycles.


Naked moleskin-

-Duff and Zima took off right out of the gates and punished the amphitheater exercises. Strong work this morning!

-King David is solid. Don’t carry him a long distance. Kiper and I carried him on the stairs and we got our moneys worth each trip.

-Brother’s Mexico have ironically never partnered at The JUDGE yet but I trust it’s just one of the sibling rivalry type things. They’ll grow out of it.

-Yo-yo ran 8.5mi on Sunday morning, caddied 18 holes, and partied with Kiss backstage that evening. How was your Sunday? I bet not that eventful.

New Mexico’s friends who desire to become parents.

Thanks for coming out this morning and it’s always an honor to spend the morning with each of you.