Nice work PAX. Put down 2.8 miles in your Mule training log. Welcome to 3 FNGs (Little John, Buy Low, Fabio) – hope to see you guys back out soon.


Warmup 1: 10 Burpees

Indian Run to Dorothea Dix. Man in front carries THE ROCK.

Warmup 2: Good Mornings x 20; Windmill x 20; Imperial Walker x 20; Mountain Climbers x 20

Bear Crawl down THE HILL

Jacob’s Ladder on THE HILL: (1) Partner 1 (P1) sprints up THE HILL, Merkins x 20 at top, run back down; Partner 2 does LBCs until P1 returns; (2) Wide Grip Merkins x 20 at top; Flutter Kicks at bottom; (3) Carolina Dry Docks (CDD) x 20 at top; Prisoner Squats at bottom; (4) Diamond Merkins x 10 at top; 6 Inch Leg Hold at bottom; (5) Merkins x 20 at top; Russian Hammers at bottom; (6) Wide Grip Merkins x 20 at top; Heels to Heaven at bottom; (7) CDD x 20 at top; WWII situps at bottom.  Between Each Set – High Plank Hold, Sarkozy, Putin, Low Plank Hold (10 seconds)

Run to THE FENCE: Derkins x 10; Prisoner Squats; Derkins x 10

Run back to PULLEN, with occasional stops: Dips x 30; High Plank Hold, Sarkozy, Putin, Low Plank Hold; Prisoner Squats

10 Burpees at PULLEN

COT – Continued prayers for Seasoned Salt’s family. Friar Tuck led us out in prayer.