Yet again, YHC was having trouble deciding what the PAX would enjoying doing for their daily dose of pain. So I fell back on old ways and we did the Starburst, again! Luckily for me, it did seem to make the PAX of 21 happy. You know how important that is to me, making people happy. And there was lots of chatter, I like chatter…

The Thang:

SSH x 40
Imperial Walkers x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 (forward & back)
Standard Merkins x 10
Windmills x 10
Burpees x 10 (OYO)

Spartan Fitness Test (5 minutes of burpees, AMRAP)
Goal was 60 and was achieved by just about everyone. YHC hit a PR, or lost count, of 83. Old as I am, I probably lost count…

5 Stations for 5 Groups: (Set up in the formation of a star. Bear crawl 25 yrds from center to station, do exercise, bear crawl back to center, do 10 SSH, rotate to next station):
1) 10 Burpees
2) 20 Star Jumps
3) 30 Merkins
4) 40 Squats
5) 50 LBCs
Rinse and repeat!

6 Rounds with Tyson:
Do 10x of an exercise, run across the grassy area, up the stairs around the round bank, 10x more of the exercise, run down the stairs on the other side and back across grassy area, plank.
Standard Merkins (bottom), derkins (top)
Freddie Mercury
Diamond Merkins (bottom), derkins (top)
WWII situps
Dying CockRoaches

6″ leg hold, 5 count around the circle


Tclaps to the guys who ran a 5 miler before and then joined in on the fun. Single clap to Mini who just did the run but had urchin duty so couldn’t stay and play. Denali was strong for the Starburst, but then bailed on us, and didn’t even ask for permission before leaving class. Steriod decided to skip the workout completely, and just showed up for COT. He did volunteer to take us out, so we did a ball-o-man so he could have some sweat to take home. All in all, another beautiful day in paradise!!!