3 pax met under the glow of a single path light to tackle the misty Vortex under the guidance of Assisi.

The Thang:

Warmup: IW, Windmills, Arm Circles, Willie Mays Hayes
Run down the path to the playground for some 3 set beatdowns.
First exercises: 15 vertical lat row pullups on the swings and 15 merkins. (3 Sets)
Second exercises: 10 pullups on the wheel of misery and 15 Carolina dry docks (3 sets)
Third exercises: 12 dips and 12 irkins (3 sets)

Run back to the field and line up on the end line. Bear crawl to the end of the first goal box, 5 burpees, sprint to midfield, 5 burpees, crab walk to next goal box, 5 burpees, sprint top end line, cherrypickers until all pax finish.

Going back: lunge to first goal box, 10 air squats, sprint to midfield, 10 air squats, lunge to next goal box, 10 air squats, sprint to end line, cherry pickers while waiting for all pax.

Meet at corner of the field. 1 person run around the perimeter (into the mist of the field), stopping in the far corner for 10 burpees. 1 person stand up to be feet catcher and thrower, 1 person lay on the ground holding the catcher/ thrower’s ankles and fling legs and feet up at the person who catches them and throws them back down. Go through until each person has done each job

Sprint to midfield, 20 SSH in cadence, sprint to midmidfield for Mary. 20 “TI knees” in cadence, 15 WWIIs OYO, plankorama.


(posted on behalf of Assisi)