8 PAX, fresh with New Year’s resolutions in hand arrived (at various intervals around 7:00-7:10) at the Mad Hatter’s parking lot for their first downPAINment of the year. The temperatures were a balmy 20 degrees and there may or may not be some frostbitten fingers as a result of today’s BLOCK party.

The Thang: Complete F3 Workout. The concept behind today’s workout was to focus on each section of the body in a brief but intense period of exercise with the intent of feeling maximum burn and fatigue before moving on to the next section.

Warm up: 3 minutes (run by Riggs/Doogie while the Q, Floyd had to run back to get blocks for the latecomers).
SSH X 20
Windmills x 15
LBAC x ??
Good Mornings x ??

The COMPLETE F3 Workout
15 minutes Upper body
9 minutes cardio
15 minutes Lower Body
6 minutes Abs
All sections use 25 pound weights.

Upper Body Agony
Merkins x 40
Carolina Dry Docks x 40
Bicep Curls x 40
Overhead presses x 40
Tricep curls x 40
Shoulder Annihilators (Nolan Ryans) x 40 each side

Set #2 Repeat with 20 reps
Set #3 Repeat with 10 reps
Set #4 Repeat with 5 reps

Cardio Version 9.000
Run with blocks x 45 seconds
Mountain climbers x 45 seconds
Run with blocks x 45 seconds
Block Burpees x 45 seconds
REPEATO x 3 sets. No breaks, 9 minutes total

Lower Body Explosion
Low Jacks x 60
Air Squats with blocks x 40
Quad Hoppers x 40
Knees/chest jump with blocks x 40
Weighted walking Lunges up hill and down x 2
Weighted wall sits x 10 counts from all PAX.
Only had time for the first set, but it was sufficient.

6 Minutes of Mary
LBCs x 30
Russian Hammers x 15 with weights
Bicycles x 30
Heels to Heaven x 30
WWII with weights x 15

Kotters to TimBucTu, Lucky Strike, Kaufman, and KFP(!!!!). Good to see you guys back
With many New Year’s resolutions including exercise, now is a good time to recruit new F3 members. F3 Durham is going to do an advertising drive this month to see if we can attract any new faces. If you have a neighborhood listserv, please feel free to let us know and we can add that in.
Holy $hit…KFP sighting…for real.

My New Year’s resolution for F3 Durham….START ON TIME! My father always told me “If you can be consistently late, you can be consistently on-time. It is the same skill set.”