11 PAX braved the morning crisp and enjoyed the warmth and fellowship of Tabata Ba-zinga at Pullen Park. T-square was in shorts and non-technical fabric, and Grease Monkey had his shades ready to go. And, we are off…


Warm-up circle – ssh x 30, Mountain Climbers x 25, Wind Mills x 30, imperial walkers x 25,

Jog up and around Pavilion, down the stairs to the stone circle

Tabata stations – each is a 4 min tabata of 2 exercises

1. mericans and Prisoner Squats at the Stone Circle

Jog up to Circle Pavilion
2. Jump-ups (picnic table-top or bench seat) and bench dips

Jog to Tennis Court – the long way
3. derkins with feet on the fence and alternating jump lunges

Intermission from Tabatas with a “Mary Interlude”

  • LBC x 37
  • High – Low – Slow Flutter x 23
  • Partner up for Crotch-sweats x 12.  Flap Jack
  • Low plank hold x 10 directly into low plank hold “spiderman” x10
  • Russian Hammers x 20

Jog down to Pain Island for more Tabatas
4. Burpees and, wait for it…, Burpees!

Jog around the pond to Grass Ampitheater
5. Irkins and Alternating L/R Step-ups

Mosey to the fence
6. balls-to-the-wall (wide feet) and peoples chair

Collapse for COT

* Prayers for Dufresne’s continued recovery
* Shared New Year’s Resolutions around the circle – good goals for the year men
* HBUMC Fairway to Christ is a men’s golf retreat scheduled for late February.  See Minnie or Enron for more information