We pressed through the treacherous night air unsure of our next move. Each step possibly our last. The frigid arctic air crystallizing flesh and seizing joints. Then, suddenly, an edifice arose from the ground. A castle like structure made from large chiseled stones, illuminated with a multitude of torches the likes of which I had never seen. We stormed the gates guarding its entry and descended into its darkest depths to do some:

Standing Lunges x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
Windmills x 20

With feeling returning to the remotest of extremities, we decided it was time to run backwards up the ramps. We would also stop at each level for some:

Standard Merkins x 15
Reverse LBCs x 20
Diamond Merkins x 15
Rosalittas x 20
Carolina Dry docks x 20
Russian Hammers x 20

We then descended to ground level and back into the storm. We stopped for 3 rounds of Australian pull-ups x15 on a thoroughly chilled rail. Squats and Standing Lunges x20 were used to fill the void.

Another parking garage sheltered from the 10 degree wind chill for another stretch of backwards running uphill. This time with karaoke to the right and left on the flats. Five levels this time and stairs back to the ground.

Stop on the return trip for two rounds of:
dips x20
Alt right left step up x20
Incline Merkin x20

The sundial was reading that it was time to bring it home. Finish with a very brisk COT and back inside.