It was a cold day. The gauge said 26, but the gale force winds brought it down to 11. Fun was had by all as we started with a brisk run to the pavilion. YHC had planned a lot of activity under cover to prepare for ICEā€¦but alas the milk purchases and school cancellations were for naught.

Warm up: SSH x 25, GM x 15, Squats x. 20.

run around a bit, head back to pavilion to grab a bench.

incline plank x 20, incline low plank hold x 10, incline sarkozy and putin. Follow that with a round of low squat hold/jump ups x 5. dips x 10, left leg raises x 10, right leg raises x 10. Then do the inclines again, except this time in decline fashion. flapjack a few more times.

End the pavilion fun with a few diamond merkins and some decline diamond merkins.

Jog to the basketball court. Lunge walk from one end to the other. Sprint back. x 3

run down the steps to the volleyball court, bear crawl back to the top of the steps and mosey to the swings.

group 1 – squat holds and squats x 10.

group 2 – inverted rows. flapjack.


Freddy Mercury x 15, Russian Hammers x 16, LBC x 17, Low Slow Flutters x 18, Crossfit Pushups x 19,WWII x 20.

End with more diamond merkins.


Good work today. Sorry that YHC has composed the most poorly written of back blasts in the history of F3. It was too cold to remember everything.