South Wake and Carpex issues a Q-Swap challenge- every workout had many PAX from both South Wake and Carpex until Possom Trot.  18 PAX from South Wake show up to Possom Trot waiting for the mumblechatter bus and continued to wait as nobody came.

Double D took the lead and took control of the workout.

  • 50x SSH
  • 50X Hill Billy/Imperial Walkers
  • 20x Good mornings


Then a mosey to the baseball fields.  YHC pulls up and M4L is there to welcome me- Yes, the scheduled Q is there, but late by 8 minutes.  Where are all the other Carpex PAX- HYC is flying solo and late today!

The PAX were respectful and very happy to see a long Carpex Q- What a great group of guys.  Lets not waste time with apologies or anything like that- we have work to do and less time to do it in.

The Thang:

Mosey to the baseball field for an indian run around the field then on the fence for BTTW, 5 count down the line, Peoples chair for a few 10 counts.

Partner up:

  • partner 1 BTTW, partner 2 run the baseball field – flip flop
  • partner 1 People’s Chair, partner 2 run the baseball field – flip flop
  • repeato

Mosey to the short wall of pavers with your partner:

  • partner 1 does box jumps, partner 2 runs around the bathroom building – flip flop
  • partner 1 does derkins, partner 2 runs around the bathroom building – flip flop
  • repeato

Mosey to the street- run backwards to the far end and then on the way back high knees, butt kickers, karaoke.  Mosey into the tennis courts for Mary/COT.

Mary was each partner group called an exercise for 10-15 count (not only was I late, I cannot remember the 9 different exercises).



The Q-Swap was a great experience- not only to meet new PAX or see an AO, but to see the energy and excitement at each AO for 2 weeks in duration.  YHC was honored to lead and very impressed not only with the effort put forth by the PAX, but by the warm welcome despite YHC misreading the start time.