Excitement was abound at Gettin’ the Runs as the parking lot started filling up.  Not only were we in for Snowmageddon, but this was the inaugural Gettin’ the Rucks Q at the AO which runs simultaneous for those wanting a different challenge. TClaps to Darby for setting that up!


Welcome to Vader as well (Lab Rat’s dog) who may have had some impure thoughts with Roxy.


Warm Up:

SSH x 20 IC

Pendulum Kicks x 10 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC


The Thang:

Indian Run towards White Deer

Bloodsport fishtailed onto Aversboro as we got to the entrance of the park, so he pulled the typical Bloodsport in peeling into the nearest neighborhood and finding an innocent front yard to ditch the car in before sprinting to join us.

Now with the full Pax, we headed around White Deer, onto the Greenway, and out to Timber. From there, we dipped into Heather Hills and made our way to South Garner Park (which nobody in the Pax other than YHC knew existed). It’s a very nice, hidden park with many options for beatdowns including tennis courts and baseball fields.

Today’s poison was the tennis courts for some suicides with variations:

Regular suicides with lines at the fence, baseline, service line, net, opposite service line, opposite baseline, and opposite fence

Suicides with Merkins (x 5 at each line)

Animal walks – No back and forth, just to the far fence and back but changing animal walks at each line between Bearcrawls, Frog Hops, Duck Walks, and Crab Walks

Partner up – Partners run in opposite directions around tennis courts with Pat-A-Cake Merkins every time they pass (2 laps)

Various runs (Indian and Apache) back through Heather Hills, down the Greenway, and through White Deer back to the flags.


The jailbreak win goes to Vader! (Lab Rat was DQ’d due to his false start).

Total distance: 4.73 miles



Bloodsport witnessing to his Grandpa who is not expected to make it much longer

Lab Rat’s interview for a remote position within his company

Continued prayers for Stretch’s family friend, Ben, who is continuing to fight off demons

Prayers for those fighting cancer



Run Ranger Run Kickoff is Saturday (01/27)!

F3 Clayton coming soon, with F3 Benson soon to follow to get the F3 JoCo Region up and running!