This morning the PAX brought out supplies early for a great cause. We would be taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help support this disease. The kettle bell workout kicked off at 0530. Boot camp was ready to go at 0545. Crab Legs started us out on a light jog to the upper lot to get us warmed up. Here is how the workout went down.

SSH x25
Hillbillies x20
Mountain climbers x20
Good mornings x10

Banana Seat took the reigns for punishment
Partner up and grab 1 challenging rock per group
Dora 100-200-300
P1 bear crawl down to the end of the parking lot, jog back
P2 begins reps, switch partners on the return
100 wonder bras
200 overhead tris
300 curls

Form two lines and mosey over to yellow poles at field entrance
Duck walk btwn bball fields to field house
– Increasing merkins when I call down (8 downs for total 36 merkins)
At field house
P1-Jump squats x20
P2-Preachers chair on wall with hallelujahs the whole time
Switch partners, 3 rounds total
Coming back down sidewalk
Two lines on your six holding legs 45 degrees while end guy moves to front pushing legs down, next man goes until we reach the end of sidewalk entrance

Jog over to tennis courts
Crabs in a bucket (two groups)
– BTTW with bear crawl from end to front

Flower (Bring Sally UP/Down song) 6 inches on bring Sally down, 45 degrees on bring Sally up.
Cut short for time so that was all for abs.

We quickly got a count off of 41 total (including Crab Legs that had an early exit) followed by Name-O-Rama.
No real announcements as we were pushed for time to start the ALS IBC.
Prayer requests for Crab Legs and possible ALS diagnosis, 3 year old girl battling cancer.
BS took us out in prayer.

The ALS IBC was an awesome event for F3 South Wake. We challenged CarPex to # of PAX and funds raised. Hopefully the challenges will move quickly as we started in late August, which is ALS awareness month. Thanks to all the PAX that participated and especially those that contributed funds to this cause.

This was my first double Q week and I’m always proud and honored to be a part of this group of men. Continue to push and hold each other accountable.