11 is good for the PAX









Birthday Week for YHC… 4 decades x 11 with a total Solar Eclipse on the big day and a hurricane to end the week.  For some reason, I went with 11 as the number for the day.  19 PAX (2 for non-running) took the #DRP and posted this morning with temps in the upper 60’s and low humidity.  A great day indeed…here’s what went down.  Wish you could have joined us.


  • 11 Squats
  • 11 Fazio Arm Circles (front and back)
  • 11 Imperial Walkers
  • 11 Good AM’s
  • 11 Burpees
  • 11 Windmills
  • 11 Merkins
  • 11 Putins (with leg raise)
  • 11 Sarkozy (with leg raise)
  • 11 Merkins

Mosey across the street and form two lines for Indian Run to the fountain by World of Beer.


  • 11 Alternating Left-Right Step ups (to 2nd ledge) with a Burpee at the bottom
  • 11 Irkins in cadence
  • 11 Push Clap Irkins OYO
  • 11 Dips
  • 11 Derkins
  • Chilcutt Hold around the fountain with a 10 count

Mosey to bottom of ramp at CapTrust Tower and Partner Up

  • Partner Chase to the top with 5 Hand Release Merkins for the non-runner
  • People’s Chair at the top waiting for the six
  • 10 count with right leg up
  • 10 count with left leg up
  • 11 Partner Derkins
  • 11 Partner Hand clap Merkins

Mosey down the stairs to the bottom of the ramp at CapTrust Tower

Plank hold waiting for the six

  • 7’s on the Ramp with Burpees on the bottom (start with 1) and LBC’s at the top
  • Reverse LBC’s waiting for the six
  • 11 Flutter Kicks
  • 11 WWII Situps

Mosey to the pullup bars on St. Albans

  • Partner 1 bear crawls down and back on fake green grass (which probably has dog piss on it)
  • Partner 2 does AMRAP pullups, dips, rope climb, or Australian Pullups until P1 is done
  • Flapjack x 2 rounds

Single Line Indian Run back to Carroll Middle parking lot

Pick up the 2 non-runners and head to the rock pile by the track

Circle up on the basketball court for Rock Work

  • 11 Curls – squat hold w/rock after each exercise
  • 11 Rut Rows
  • 11 Chest Presses
  • 11 Tricep Extensions
  • 11 Goblet Squats
  • 11 Chest Press /w Rock Flutter Kicks
  • 11 LBCs with rock on chest
  • 11 Reverse LBC’s with rock overhead

Return rocks and mosey back to parking lot


  • 11 Dying Cockroaches
  • 44 American Hammers (cadence count)
  • 44 LBC’s – OYO


  • Labor Day Convergence at NC Art Musuem – 7am
  • 9/11 Stair Climb at NC State Carter-Finley Stadium (Vaughn Towers) – arrive by 530am, start at 545am
  • 21 September – 7am – 17th Annual Neighbor to Neighbor fundraising breakfast at the North Raleigh Hilton – register here to attend:  https://www.n2noutreach.org/events
  • F3 Nation Foundation #Give2Give August Fundraising push for another week.  Give back PAX!
  • Q School is coming in mid-September after Catalyst and Coffeeteria
  • Prayers for Texas and those in harms way with Hurricane Harvey

Sir Topham Hat closed us in prayer


  • a great group of veterans today.  We covered some ground start to finish, but got a lot of work done in between.  Keeping most reps at 11 seemed to help
  • a few crowd favorites:  Alternating L-R Step up burpees, Partner chase up the parking deck, 7’s on the ramp
  • Strong Coffeeteria attendance including an appearance by Bob Villa as no one from Iron Eagle stuck around for 2nd F post workout.
  • YHC encouraged the PAX to sign up to Q or co-Q and certainly to attend Q-school if you’ve never gone before.