The deluge began the day before, and Flood Zone lived up to its name. Fortunately for the PAX the place is built like a giant, concrete Ark. Which led YHC to adopt a biblical theme, although it was lost on the mouth-breathing masses. It does not matter. Whatever you call it, Funny Farm, The Circus, or Noah’s Revenge, 18 PAX followed without question, and a good workout with lots of the basics ensued.

Extra Credit – YoYo, Cornhollio, Bob Villa, Shaggy
Run to Macy’s
Jump-ups  x15
Decline Merkins  x15
Run up stairs to 3rd level
Burpee Suicides 5/10/15/10/5 (touch the beams)
Return to collect the rest of the PAX

SSH  x25
Windmills  x25
Mt. Climbers  x20

Load the Animals:
Run to the Ramp
Bear Crawl Ramp 1
Donkey Kicks x20 OYO
Crab Walk Flat
Frog Jumps x20 OYO
Fazio Arm Circles  x6 and Reverse
Gorilla Walk Ramp 2
Scorpions x20 OYO
Giraffe Run to Stairs

Clean the Stalls:
Paint the lines with a Burpee
Proceed to the next ramp

Load the People:
Partner Carry up Ramp 1
Wheel Barrow Flat  (Flap halfway)
Partner Carry up Ramp 2 (Flap at top)
Partner Carry down
Wheel Barrow Flat  (Flap halfway)
Partner Carry down
Run to yet another ramp

Unload it All:
People’s Chair  x3 count by PAX
Merkin/Squat Ladder
Sprint ramp
Merkins at top  5/10/15/20
Squats at bottom  20/15/10/5
Plank Work

LBCs  x25
Crimean Hammers  x25
6in Leg Hold  x5 count by PAX

2nd F at Raleigh Brewing next Thursday 3/13.
USMC Mud Run (aka The Leatherneck) is 4/12 – There are still a few spots left. Sign up now.
GoRuck is set for 5/3. Read this now:  GoRuck Challenge Set
Tell your Durham and Chapel Hill friends to get out of the sack and to an F3 workout!