For no reason other than it being Friday, YHC decided to challenge the pax of Flood Zone to a 45 min gauntlet, with some enduring the full hour.

The Thang….

Early 15

Run to rock pile, grab rock
10 count staggered right merkins, 10 count staggered left, 5 count diamond
Run with rock up to Blue Ridge Rd
15x squat press
Run back to pile to return rocks then back to the cars to pick up the rest of the pax

Regular 45

Backwards run to the top of the parking deck
At the top, 20 Burpees OYO, 10 count standard merkin

Mosey down the stairs to the bottom
Sprint the ramps, bearcrawl the flats, with burpees at the start of each ramp until all pax caught up

Mosey down the stairs to the bottom
Backwards run the ramp sprint the flats, plank at the start of each ramp until all pax caught up
Hold plank at the top, 10 count alternating regular/chillcut plank hold

Mosey down the stairs to the bottom
Grab a partner
4 burpee chase to the top
Partner 1 jogs, while P2 does 4 burpees then sprints after P1, when P1 is caught, stops and does 4 burpees while P2 jogs and so on

Mosey down to the 3rd level
Partner carry 75 yards, 15 burpees, flapjack partners back to starting point, 15 merkins
Repeat for 7 min #smoker

Mosey to the ramp
Bent jacobs ladder with burpees at the top, jump squats at the bottom, starting at 2 burpees/jumpsquats, increasing by 2 reps each time. Audible at 8 reps to have time for mary

On the top level, 5 MOM
low slow flutter 20x
dolly 15x
LBC 25x
Freddie mercury 25x


-Great work by all and especially FNG Tugboat. Hell of a first workout to come to, hope to see you again.
-Appreciate the mumble chatter and intermittent Bi###ing during the workout, slowed toward the end as pax decided to save their breath.
-When it’s your time to Q, challenge to yourself to push the pax to a breaking point. They’ll thank you for it always and will be better men because of it.

-The Forge is now 5:45
-GoRuck date is set for May 3rd
-Kettlebells are being picked up today

Prayer courtesy of Electrolux