I understand that one of the rules during a GoRuck event is that all traffic laws must be followed.  YHC failed in that today.  With one exception – for which YHC denies liability – all ten of the Wolf Run Pax made it back safe and sound today.


Yep, we ran.  The route today took us up Nazareth Drive to Western Blvd. and up Pullen Road.  We stopped on the western edge of Pullen Park for a quick tabata session, 40 seconds of exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest.  Exercises there were merkins, prisoner squats, merkins, and alternating lunges.

Continue up Pullen to Hillsborough St., then Oberlin Road to Clark Ave.  Our second stop was in the Wells Fargo parking lot.  We suspect, the security camera operators at HQ were confused by us.  We hope that Fannie won’t get in any trouble as a result of our visit.  Winter gear makes it harder to ID the Pax, at least in theory.  A second tabata session with squat jumps, frozen v, and something that I have forgotten.

Continue to Woodburn Dr. and back down Hillsborough to Pullen Road.  We altered the route home to go through the NCSU campus and come up the hill on Morrill Drive.  Western to Nazareth and back to the ranch.

2MOM with American Hammers x 25 and alternating oblique crunches x 30.

No GPS today but probably close to four miles of running.

  • Apologies for some road crossing errors on my part.  We almost lost Madoff as we were starting out.  Mistakes were made.
  • Some request for a “warm up” was heard shortly before our first tabata stop.  YHC thought a brisk run would suffice.  Reasonable minds may differ.
  • And on to the title – a member of the Pax suffered a spill on uneven ground early in the workout unseen by YHC.  After confirming that this was not a Merlot spill, we ensured that the resulting damage was, indeed, survivable.
  • Congrats to Munson on the new “whip.”
  • Great work by the Pax today.  Everyone stayed close on the run and blasted through the exercises.
  • GoRuck on May 3, 2014.  See Utah or Yo-Yo if interested.  An information session is in the works.
  • Prayers for Dufresne.  An excellent prayer event was held at his home last night and F3 continues to support him, Pack Man, and their family.  Tclaps in particular to Flatline, Tony Robbins, and Maize for their efforts.
  • COT included the background on the origin of each member of the Pax’s F3 handle.