With so many workout choices, the Danger Zone needs to meet the needs of the regulars- Today Burt stepped it up and kicked off a great set to a nice weekend.

jog around the soccer fields
SSH x31
Squats x20
Merkins x20
Imperial Walkers x20
SSH x20

Jog to the bottom of the parking lot:
knee tucks x5
quick feet x20
incline merkins x15
quick feeet x20
ssh x20

Jog to the Picnic area:
knee tucks x5
Box Jumps x15
Mike Tysons x25
Right Foot Stepups x15
Decline Merkins x15
Left Foot Stepups x15
Incline Merkins x15
Dips x20
Right Foot Stepups x15
Dips x20
burpees OYO x10

dealer choice:
freddy mercury x15
crossfit merkins x13
mountain climbers x20
russian hammers x25

job back to the parking lot for:
10 parking space lunge walk, butt kickers back x2
5 parking space bear crawl, 5 space crab walk, butt kickers back x2

jog to the basketball courts:
peoples chair x15
2 court sprint and back
balls to the wall x15
2 court sprint and back
peoples chair x15
2 court karaoke and back
balls to the wall x15

to the blue circle for mary:
high plank hold x10 circle count
sarkozy x5 circle count
putin x5 circle count
WWII situps x20
lbc x15
6″ leg hold x30


tclaps to T-Square for posting despite his shoelace getting stuck in the fence
tclaps to the crew for keeping the energy high

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  • Hear Burt had been planning this one out for weeks. As for T2, it doesn’t matter what obstacles you throw at that guy – he will always overcome. Had push come to shove, I suspect he would have just ditched the shoes and done the workout barefooted. #manimal

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