After last weeks 8 degree brush with exploding boards and a real need for life alert (who was probably cozily alseep in a warm bed like most of the rest of you sane people) this week’s edition of true grit delivered a soggy warmer version of the pain to 16 ready willing and able PAX. Sorry for the posting delay- inaccuracies due to blurry memory- feel free to correct as you remember…

Tha thang’ (loosely remebered): 20x SSH, 20x Good mornings 20x windmills, 20x sir fazio ACs- 20x reverse sir fazios.

go for a light yog up to the uneven bars and enter the Nintendo pull-up-a-thon:

2 pax rotate on 2x muscle ups or pull ups while the rest follow YHC on calls of “right, left, down, up” Right = three shuffles right + precision squat + three shuffles left. Left = three shuffles left + precision squat + three shuffles right. Up = Knee to your chest jump. Down = push up. And anything in between is a fast feet in place.

Next jog back to the top of the hill: 20x star jumps, 40x precision squats, sprint across the dam, bear crawl down, sideways balls to the wall walk on a 20 count cadence then jog to the parallel bars. At he parallel bars: 15x dips in groups of 5 while everyone else does merkins (more or less constantly)

Then jog back to the parking lot for merry: this is where things get really foggy- it was bad and there was alot of it.