20 PAX, Diving right in…

Tha Thang: Epoxy 20x SSH, 10x Windmills, 10x Imerial Walkers, 10x merkins

Jog over to the parking lot of homewood court- 4 stations, 4 groups, rotations.

1: Wind sprints (feel free to throw in some merkins in between sets) 2. Dragon walk  on the way down lunge ont he way back 3. Plyotrain: Ladder (people’s choice) diagonal shuffles, Ladder (plankwalk), diagonal shuffles, Ladder (people’s choice) 4. Merkin/wheelbarrow row combine.

Upon completion- brisk jog to the NHills deck. At the fountain: dips 33x, partner carry up level 1 incline, switch repeat. stay at the top, bear crawl across to the next incline- from here: 7 levels of pain. Reverse jog on the inclines and then side shuffles on the flats all the way up and no cutting corners (stay on the outside of the deck) plank at the top + merkins. Then divide into two groups each group gets a ceiling pipe to do pull ups on 4x reps per PAX. The rest do merry in cadence to 11 counts on people’s choice exercise. Once everyone made it through the pull ups- circle up- 23x merkins. Race you to the bottom and end up in the granite lobby/ set off some kind of alarm.

COT at bruggers: ManRam’s got a new workout coming online- see him for details. Visit Dufresne. Go Ruck May 3.

Prayers/Praises for many different job-related items: Abacus’ wife looking (perhaps), Abacus getting into UNC, Deliverance starting new job, prayers for answered on (I believe it was) Suzie-chapstick’s relative with cancer test results coming back very favorable.

Well done all- on to coffee and greater things…