22 PAX (2 FNGs) showed up on a beautiful, crisp Pullen Park morning. With the USMC Mud Run and Spartan Sprint on the horizon, YHC decided some “obstacle” training was in order. Each obstacle is completed individually so that each PAX can push himself, but we move obstacle to obstacle as a group. Prize for finishing at the front of the pack is plank and plank related exercises.  Plenty of short exercise sets, with lots of running in between.  Little-to-no rest and no 10 counts.

The Thang:

Warm-up:  SSH (20), IW (10), Good Mornings (10), Fazios (10 and 10)

Jog around the pond, jump the fence and line up at the bottom of the hill.

Obstacle #1: Jacobs Ladder.  7 burpees at top, descending.

Obstacle #2: rock pile.  3 sets of curls, presses, over head hold.  Rock is not dropped between sets.

Obstacle #3: tennis courts:  1/2 of PAX people’s chair, other half does 3 court suicide.  Flap jack and repeat.

Obstacle #4:  down half pipe and up to pavilions. Derkin x 15, dip x15, run half pipe to touch tennis fence and back to pavilion. Repeat x3.

Obstacle #5: hill run/exercise combo.  3 groups.  One at bottom of hill, one running (Deiter up the hill, regular jog down the hill), one at top of hill.  Rotate thru 2 minutes each of burpees, merkins, squats, with the running groups rotating throughout.

Obstacle #6: bear crawl Indian run (nod to Flops for that one) from top of parking lot to Pullen entrance.

MARY: LBC, Freddie, High Slow Flutters, Dollies, WW2s.

COT: during COT we learned things.  M Key West had a kid yesterday.  Congratulations all around. Until we questioned why that meant Key West couldn’t post today.  KD succinctly said in typical KD fashion: “babies aren’t allowed at F3.”  True dat.  UA3 assigned to Key West.  We also learned that Chong prefers a silent prayer.  Verbal prayers are not in his wheelhouse.

COFFETERIA: we learned more things at Cup-o-Joe.  Chong may join the rodeo.  YoYo is going to Vivace on Thursday for Cougar Night. Don’t ask Chong if he’s ever done a whippet (hint: he has).  Flops will never, ever eat both halves of a Green Eggs and Ham.  YHC is not GORUCK tough, and belongs on the sidelines w the M’s. And Maize likes pastels.