It had been a while since Chapel Hill visited the ancient pyramids of Egypt, so YHC decided it was time to go back…


The Thang:

SSH x30

Windmill x10

Good mornings x10

Imperial Walker x20

arm circles x20, switch direction at 10

mountain climber x30


Run to outdoor stage area across from movie theatre:

Modified pyramids

sprint from stage to monument. Burpees

sprint back to stage. WWII situps

1st round: 2

2nd round: 4

6th round: 12

7th round: 10

11th round: 2


Sprint up the hill beside the stage area

jog back to picnic tables


6 MoM

PAX choice:

LBC x15

freddy mercury x15

slow, long flutter x15

russian hammer x15

dolly x15




Check your email for updates on expansion, shirts, and a possible volunteer opportunity on Monday.  Also, please keep our F3 brother Dufresne in your thoughts and prayers.